Are your window coverings stuck in a time warp of flimsy aluminium blinds and dull dated curtains? On average homeowners replace their blinds every 7-8 years, but if you’ve never replaced the window coverings in your home or can’t remember the last time you restyled it’s probably time to start considering a change. Dated and worn out blinds in your Edmonton home can be unsafe, unfashionable and even decrease the resale value in your home. Here are 5 signs it’s time to replace your window coverings.

Broken or warped slats

If the slats on your blinds are broken off or warped from years of use and exposure to the elements, you should consider replacing your blinds. Not only do broken down blinds create an unsightly appearance in your home, they can be dangerous. Pets, young children, and even unsuspecting homeowners can easily injure themselves on sharp edges and broken off bits that are sticking out.

New windows

Have you recently renovated and replaced your old windows? It may be that your old window coverings no longer fit the newly installed windows. It would also be a shame to cover up your investment with dated curtains and blinds. Just like swapping out your home’s windows, investing in new window coverings can increase the resale value of your home and improve energy efficiency, keeping your utility bills down.

Dated or out of style

Just like the rest of the decor in your home, window coverings need a refresh every now and then to keep up with a clean and modern esthetic. If your windows are sporting dated colour tones, heavy vertical blinds from the 80’s or a roller shade that was installed decades ago, it’s time to consider some new options. While most cellular and roller shades last about 7-10 years, you may consider a more timeless style like shutters. If you prefer to replace your window coverings less frequently, that may be a good reason to choose shutters for your windows. With new hybrid materials, shutters can last up to 25 years, and their classic look will easily transcend changing decor trends.

Faded window coverings

Over time it’s natural for window coverings, especially older styles, to experience sun fade. Blinds and window coverings that are manufactured today offer sun fade resistance and will outlast many of the older products you may currently have in your home.

You’ve just moved into your new home

Whether you invested in a fixer upper, or you’re in the midst of unpacking your moving boxes and are just noticing that the previous owner’s floral patterned curtains may not quite be your style, a move is a great opportunity to replace your window coverings. You may even choose to take some time after possession before moving your furniture into place. Remove any unwanted window coverings and fixtures and speak to a design expert to help you choose the right window coverings for your new home.

Consult a Design Expert

Get in touch with one of our design consultants at Linh’s Window Fashions today to explore options for replacing your old window coverings that fit your budget and your style.