A Plant Parent’s Guide to Window Styling

Whether you’ve created your own living room jungle, an urban oasis or you’re just starting out with your first house plant, lighting is a critical component to the care of your plants. At Linh’s Window Fashions we know the importance of mixing function with style. In this blog we’ll explore some of the best options for plant parents looking to style their windows and control the natural light coming into their home.

1. Banded Roller Shades | Best Blinds for Plant Lovers

It’s important to allow enough natural light into your space so that your house plants can thrive. Banded roller shades are a great option for plant parents. You can line up the banded design of the shades to filter in the sun and also stagger the pattern for complete privacy once the sun goes down. Roller shades work well for large windows and can be raised and lowered easily.

Banded shades work particularly well in south facing windows where the hot afternoon sun could put your plants at risk. Windows have the ability to magnify and radiate heat. Sun damage will usually cause a yellowing of the leaf or smaller scorched spots on the leaf’s surface. Be sure to place your house plants far enough back from the window so that it’s not in direct contact with the glass.

Designer Banded Shades For Plants

2. Vertical Blinds | Best Blinds for Plant Lovers

Vertical blinds are another great option if you have houseplants. Many popular varieties like succulents, aloe vera, and snake plants will thrive in direct sunlight. Vertical blinds give homeowners the ability to draw their shades open completely to allow for maximum sun exposure during the daytime. These blinds work well for floor to ceiling windows and even for patio doors making them quite versatile.

Style your vertical blinds by pacing a few taller plants of varying heights in one corner of the window. A money tree, the colourful croton, and fiddle-leaf figs are all great varieties to consider for your living space. Offset the floor plants with a hanging plant in the opposite corner. You may want to try string of pearls, a spider plant or the hearty pothos variety.

Vertical Shades For Plants

3. Shutters | Best Blinds for Plant Lovers

Nothing compliments lush indoor greenery quite like a set of classic shutters. Installing shutters in your home can not only improve your home’s resale value but they provide a stylish and practical addition to your living space. Each shutter is controlled by one vertical piece that maneuvers the direction and intensity of light to your liking. Shutters are also a great option for screened in porches where both indoor and outdoor plants tend to do really well. Shutters are a timeless addition to any home. Built with long lasting materials, they can be custom ordered in a variety of shapes and styles.

Shutters For Plants

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