Patio doors are often a gateway to the outside. A thoroughfare between indoor and outdoor living. But what happens when you want to block out the hot afternoon rays, or keep the neighbors from being able to peer in from their porch? If you’re considering installing window coverings to offer a bit of shade and privacy, here is our top five list of best blinds for patio doors.

Vertical blinds

Invented in 1950, vertical blinds have made a long and stylish trek from their beginnings in corporate offices and doctor’s waiting rooms. Available in a variety of panel styles, colours and materials like fabric, vinyl and aluminum, vertical blinds are a great option for your patio door coverings. Vertical blinds are easy to maintain and they collect less dust than horizontal styles. The panels are mounted in a track suspended above, and can easily be opened and closed throughout the day as needed. At Linh’s Window Fashions in Edmonton, we offer custom vertical blinds from a variety of lines:

  • Skyline Vertical Blinds
  • Cadence Vertical Blinds
  • Somner Vertical Blinds

Vertical cellular shades

Honeycomb cellular shades are a great option for Edmonton’s extreme weather patterns. The specially engineered honeycomb design traps air, creating an added layer of insulation. Cellular shades help keep the heat out in the summer and the cool temperatures from creeping in, over the winter months. Available in a vertical orientation that slides back and forth, to give you easy access to your patio doors, they are a strong contender.


There’s no escaping the classic elegance of shutters. Customize the design with track style installation. This will allow the shutter panels to slide over one another and you have the perfect solution for your patio doors. Whether you love the craftsmanship of a 100% natural hardwood material or prefer durable hybrid options, shutters can be a great choice for sliding glass doors. Installing shutters can also increase the resale value of your home down the road.

Roller shades

Banded roller shades are a unique and stylish option, if you’re looking to add blinds to your patio doors. Banded shades offer homeowners the ability to maintain their outdoor views, while blocking out harsh sunlight and harmful UV rays from penetrating their living space. The banded design can be adjusted to overlap for complete privacy or the solid sections can align to allow more light in. Patio doors can span a wide length and the smooth operation of a roller shade works well for larger covering areas. At Linh’s Window Fashions in Edmonton, we have a variety of roller shades available for custom order:

  • Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades
  • Designer Roller Shades
  • Designer Banded Shades

Roman Shades

Add a layer of warmth and privacy to your patio doors with roman shades. The stacked design folds away neatly when raised and is available in a variety of fabrics, adding instant softness to your window treatments.

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