Ordering custom drapery is an excellent way to make a room look elegant. Drapes can add volume, pattern, and colour to an otherwise plain wall. Getting them custom-made allows you to have complete control to create a unique piece made to fit your home’s aesthetic. There are many aspects to consider before ordering custom drapes.


There are hundreds of different kinds of fabrics available to choose from. Fabrics vary with different materials, textures, patterns, colours, and opacity. With such a large variety of fabrics, there’s certainly a fabric out there that’s fit for your project!

Consider the room that the drapes are for and the purpose of the drapes. How much light do you want to let through? Solid colour or patterned? What material would go best with the rest of the room? Asking these questions can help fine-tune your visions and get you one step closer to your dream drapes.


The pleat style that you choose can be a total game-changer. Grommet, ripple fold, and pinch pleat are some of the most popular pleats. Different pleats look better for different applications and rooms, so take into account the style of the room. Some pleats look more casual (tab top, pencil pleat) while others are more formal (box pleat, goblet).


Are you looking for something functional or a decor piece? Drapes can be made as side panels or full width depending on what you want. Side panels are stationary drapes that sit on each side of your window for aesthetic purposes. They are also useful for blocking light gaps from blinds. Full-width drapes can close over the window for light control and privacy.

Custom Drapery


Along with your fabric, you’ll need some hardware to go along with it. Hardware can include the rod or track, brackets, finials, rings, and wand. There are different finishes for these products, such as wood, metal, matte, shiny, and etc. You may not need all these components for your particular project, it all depends on your chosen pleat and functionality.

Mount and Length

Depending on your desired look, you may choose to mount your drapes at different heights. You can mount the drapes right above the window frame, on the ceiling, or anywhere in between. Mounting near the ceiling can create the illusion of a taller room. In unique cases, you may even want to mount your drapes within the window frame.

Along with the mounting height, there are three main lengths to consider: short, floor length, and puddle. Short drapes are made to end right at the bottom of the window frame. Floor-length drapes end a few inches above or lightly touch the floor. For puddling drapes, the drapes are long enough to create a tasteful “puddle” of fabric on the floor. The puddle length is best for low-traffic areas, as the puddle can be a hazard if stepped on.


For quick projects that you’re not looking to spend much on, store-bought drapes are probably your best option. They’re mass-produced, allowing them to be sold at a low price. However, the variation of fabrics or pleats is quite limited. If you have a specific look in mind, custom-made drapes are the way to go. The knowledge, labour, and materials that go into custom drapes makes them a luxury item that come with a high price tag. It is a common misconception that custom drapes are cheaper than custom blinds due to how cheap store-bought drapes are.

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