Technology is the future! So many things have been technologically upgraded over the years, such as refrigerators, phones, cars, and even window coverings! Some people may think, “what’s the point of motorized blinds when I can manually operate them?” Motorized blinds have many benefits you may not have thought of, and they can be a great addition to any home. Here are the top benefits for Powerview Motorized blinds, specifically the latest Gen 3 version by Hunter Douglas.


With just the click of a button, Powerview shades can be easily operated. No more standing up to use your blinds; just sit back and adjust your blinds from your controller or phone!

With the older Gen 2 version, all Powerview blinds required a controller. If you wanted to control it from your phone, you would need the additional Powerview Hub. Now with the Gen 3 version, all Powerview blinds can be operated through the free Powerview app without additional components.


Energy Efficiency

Using the Powerview App, you can set times during the day for specific blinds to operate. This can help your home with energy efficiency as you can control the amount of heat entering or leaving through your windows. During the summer, you may want to set the blinds to automatically close during the hottest hours of the day to keep the inside temperature lower. In the winter, you can have them open up when the sun is out to help bring in some heat.

Safe for children, seniors, and pets

As these blinds are motorized, there are no dangling cords used to operate the blind. This is especially great for homes with young children or pets as it removes the possibility of them getting caught up or strangled in them. Additionally, motorized blinds can benefit seniors as they don’t need to lean over furniture and risk injuring themselves or use any strength to operate the blind. They can safely operate the blind from a distance.

Safe for children, seniors, and pets

Hard to Reach Windows

Instead of getting an extended cord, the best option for high-up windows would be to motorize them. Control your blinds safely from ground level. 

The Gen 3 Gateway

With the addition of a Gen 3 Gateway, you can operate your Powerview blinds from anywhere in the world with a wifi connection. While this is not a mandatory part to use Powerview blinds, it has additional benefits such as:


  • Home Automation: Connect to compatible home automation devices, such as Amazon Echo, Apple Homekit, Google Home, and more! Using the Powerview apps, you can create scenes which are different settings for how your blinds will be used. An example would be creating a scene called “Nighttime” that has every blind lower and close. Then, you can use your voice commands to activate these scenes throughout the day. Now you don’t have to click anything for your blinds to work!

Home Automation

  • Security: You can set times for your blinds to operate, giving outsiders the impression that there are people home adjusting the blinds. This is handy when you are away from home for long periods of time.

Upgrade your Window Coverings Today

Contact us if you are interested in getting Powerview blinds for your home. We encourage you to visit our Edmonton showroom where you can test out Powerview products to get a better understanding. Discover how Powerview motorized blinds can improve your home and lifestyle today!