Hunter Douglas sets the industry standard in top of the line products. Many competitors may try to copy the look of the Silhouettes, but none of them can come close to their beauty and quality.

Silhouette shades feature soft fabric vanes suspended between two sheer layers of fabric. The vanes and the sheers combine to softly filter light and diffuse it into the room, creating a soft natural glow that reduces the need for electric lights throughout the day.

When the vanes are open, they provide up to 88% of UV protection and 99% when they are closed. The exterior sheer reflects the sun’s heat, which can be even more vital than insulation. Your daytime privacy is assured because the view from the street is obscured, while your view to the outside is clear, through the two sheer layers that are made of a patented anti-moiré fabric by Hunter Douglas.

What makes Silhouettes unique is the signature “S” vane that is suspended in the middle of the blind. This vane can be tilted at any angle to allow the right amount of light to enter the room and comes in 2, 3, and 4 inch widths.

In addition, the front sheers come in a variety of colors and textures to complement the color of the inner “S” vane. Three light control options are available in translucent, light dimming and room darkening. The room darkening option offers two shades in one by adding a roller shade behind the Silhouette that operates independently of the Silhouette but is on the same headrail.

All these features make the Silhouette shade by Hunter Douglas an outstanding choice for your home. With a view, versatility and value you can enjoy them for many years in your newly transformed home.