Pirouette® window shadings promise to once again transform the window fashions industry. Soft, horizontal fabric vanes are attached to a single sheer backing, allowing enhanced views to the outside and a beautiful fabric appearance on the inside. They combine the personality of a classic fabric shade with the ability to control light in an entirely new way. Pirouette window shadings offer the following features:

  • Seven elegant fabrics – Pirouette ® window shadings have expanded to offer more choices and options. Select from seven distinct fabrics and a choice of 65 stylish colors.
  • Versatility – Pirouette ® window shadings are available in either semi-opaque or room darkening opacities. Pirouette ® window shadings are also available in two vane sizes 4” petite and 5”Grande. Vanes can be flattened or contoured for complete privacy, or partially to fully opened for varying degrees of light control and privacy.
  • Light control – Soft vanes floating on a sheer backing put you in control of the amount of natural light that comes in, with dramatic effects. Transform harsh exterior light by diffusing it, spreading it evenly throughout your room, so you can maximize daylight hours and reduce your need for artificial light. Our beautiful sheer fabrics also softly filter out brightness, glare, and UV rays —protecting your furniture and flooring from fading.
  • Invisi-Lift ™ system – With no visible or loose cords running through the fabric, vanes appear to float in the window, providing superior view-through to the outside.
  • Motorization – PowerView® Motorization.  A revolutionary new system that automatically moves your shades throughout the day, so you don’t have to.
  • Lifetime Guarantee – As with all Hunter Douglas window fashions, Hunter Douglas Pirouette Window Shadings are backed by the exclusive Hunter Douglas limited lifetime warranty.