The Process of Ordering Custom Window Coverings                                                                                                           Parkland Wood

A phrase that we commonly hear from our customers is “what is next?” or “what is the next step now?”

We understand that the process of investing in your window coverings can be a daunting idea for most. That said; the process is actually quite streamlined and easy when working with a trained Window Expert. Allow us to take you through the steps of the Process of Ordering Custom Window Coverings.

We begin with an initial consultation and it is the most crucial step when investing in your window coverings. In this meeting we will take the time to define what you wish to achieve for your home. For example, what degree of privacy or light control do you wish to have in your living room versus your bedroom? In addition, what decorative element do you envision for that particular space or wish to flow throughout your entire home? The consultation is also a time for you, as a customer, to ask us all relative questions and in turn enable us to best serve you.

Following the consultation, we will strategically measure the discussed windows for our records and for quoting purposes as well.

Have you given any thought to your budget for window coverings? If you haven’t, that is understandable, however, we encourage you to take the time to consider the amount of money that you wish to invest in covering your windows. If you haven’t the faintest idea, think of a number you wouldn’t spend and there you have your budget. Maintaining your budget is an important element in providing great customer service and we strive to provide great service to each and every one of our customers.

Subsequently, we would like to invite you into our showroom for your choice of a cup of tea or coffee and to review the details of your quote and the proposed products as per our initial consultation.

Within a week of ordering, we will personally reach out to provide you with an order status so you can rest assured that we are looking after your project.

Installation: The Window Expert working on your project will make the trip out to your home at the time of installation to ensure an efficient install and to demonstrate how to operate your new window coverings.

The Process of Ordering Custom Window Coverings

The Process of Ordering Custom Window Coverings                                                                    Before and After; Alustra Roller Shade

The team at Linh’s Window Fashions strives to provide exceptional service to all of our clients and customers.

The experience of investing in your window coverings doesn’t stop there; please keep in touch as we want to hear how well you are and how your investment has impacted your everyday life!

We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our post on the Process of Ordering Custom Window Coverings edmonton.We hope to hear from you soon and you can contact us either by phone, email, special request online, or pop by our showroom located at 16540 118 Ave, Edmonton, Alberta.

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Text: written by Tenesee Thibault
Photos: provided by Hunter Douglas