With winter’s arrival, the cold weather has us reaching for the thermostat to turn up the heat, but the heat isn’t the only thing going up. So is your energy bill! Here are a few tips on how you can cut costs with very little effort.

  1. Have your furnace serviced by a trained technician. You can google “heating and cooling specialists” to find a reputable company. While you’re at it, change the furnace filter. This is not expensive and it allows proper air flow so that your furnace can run more efficiently.
  2. Speaking of furnaces, turn the heat down! You don’t need to freeze in your own home, but by turning the thermostat down 1-2 degrees, you’ll save on your energy bill. If your home is empty all day, it doesn’t need to be heated as if you were there.
  3. Utilize the power of the sun. If you don’t have solar panels, that’s ok – just open the curtains or blinds during the day to let the sun shine in, then close them at sundown.
  4. Check around your windows and doors to see if you can feel a draft. If you can, then you may have to replace the weather stripping around the door to make a tighter seal. If your windows are really old, and you can’t replace them, then you may want to try a plastic film that covers the window. This makes a barrier between the inside and the glass to reduce heat loss. You can buy a kit at any hardware store.
  5. Just as you have to bundle up against the cold, so does your house. Proper insulation is a must so check to see if your walls are cold, (particularly the room next to the garage). You may need more insulation, especially if you have an old house. A good way to check if your attic has enough insulation is to see if snow is melting off the roof when it is below freezing. If it is, then the heat that should be inside your home, is escaping through the roof!
  6. Since we deal in window coverings it only makes sense to talk about an energy efficient shade. Hunter Douglas makes a number of honeycomb shades that are truly energy efficient. Cells inside the blind create air pockets that insulate against cold in winter and heat in summer. The most energy efficient blind from Hunter Douglas is the Architella Trielle Duette, with three layers of fabric. The energy savings are substantial with this product.


Hopefully these tips will help you keep your home warm AND put money in your pocket this winter!


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