Blinds are one of the most popular window treatment options for home and business owners. Not only are they ideal for various lighting and privacy needs, but you can choose from a wide range of styles and sizes. However, like almost everything in a home, blinds are susceptible to damage from regular wear and tear. Since blinds are made up of a series of slats, slat replacement is one of the most typical repairs. Blind restringing, valance clip replacement, and motor replacement for motorized blinds are other types of common repairs that your blinds may eventually require. Regardless of the specifics, you need to decide between replacing or repairing. Depending on the type of blinds and the repair that is necessary, it may actually be more cost-effective for property owners to replace their blinds. To figure out which option is better for you, call Linh’s Window Fashions in Edmonton for a blind service repair quote.


Do you remember how long it took for you to pick your current window treatments? Decorating a space and staying within a budget is not an easy task, and finding the perfect blinds for your home or business is a time-consuming process. Why do it all again when you can repair, restore, or resize your blinds with Linh’s Window Fashions blind repair services in Edmonton? Customers can drop off their damaged blinds at their own convenience but full service pick up and drop off is also available for a low, additional fee!


The building industry is responsible for 30% off all greenhouse gas emissions and this percentage doesn’t even include the environmental impact of filling those spaces up! It is easy to get trapped in the mindset of buying something new rather than reusing something you already have. By choosing to repair your existing blinds with Linh’s blind repair services in Edmonton, you are drastically reducing your carbon footprint and practicing sustainability. However, if the repairs are more drastic it may be more efficient to purchase new blinds. There are a variety of styles in sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.


When it comes to the replace or repair debate, the most important factor is cost. Since the process for slat replacement requires the broken or bent blind slats to be swapped out for new ones, the price can be lower than new blinds. But, if too many slats are damaged it is better to choose a new set of blinds. Re-stringing is also a simple process of replacing the damaged string section, that holds the slats in place, with new strings. Generally, the price for these smaller repairs are quite low. Replacing the clip on your blind valance, a decorative piece of trim that attaches to your headrail with plastic clips is also another quick and cheap repair.

The material of your blinds has a huge impact on the price of repair. More expensive blind repair may be needed if the blind slats are made of wood or another costly material. Depending on the amount of slats that are damaged, it can be more cost effective to purchase a new blind.