It’s that time of year when we welcome friends and family into our homes for the holidays. It’s a season of joy, festive decorations and of course food. In this month’s article we’d like to focus on the heart of the home. The room where so many Edmonton families will be spending their time, gathering together this month. While you’re baking those Christmas cookies for the community bake sale, or even preparing a holiday feast, you may be looking through the frosted glass windows of your kitchen when you notice your window coverings could use an update. In this article we explore the top 4 window coverings options for your kitchen.

1. Shutters

These timeless window coverings are a fantastic option for a kitchen. Unlike the need to update your cabinets every few years to keep up with trends, the classic design of shutters will always be in style. Shutters are available in faux-wood materials that are extremely durable and can easily stand up to the heat in any kitchen. Shutters are designed to last and can easily withstand the inevitable freeze/thaw cycles of an Edmonton winter. They are also super easy to clean in the event of an accidental blender explosion or splattering of marinara sauce.

2. Roman Shades

Roman shades are another great option to compliment any kitchen. The folded fabric panels add a touch of warmth to a room full of hard surfaces. They also come in a variety of fabric colours and patterns, complimenting any style of decor or even adding a fun pop of colour to a more neutral colour palette. You can even choose a sheer fabric if you like to let natural light or even the twinkle of your outdoor Christmas lights flood into your space.

Roman Shades For The Kitchen

3.Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Also available in a range of colours, pleat sizes and opacities, cellular shades would make for a smart investment in any kitchen. The honeycomb design of these popular shades is also extremely energy efficient, keeping the cool air out, and the warm air trapped inside during the cool winter months.

4. Roller shades

Last but certainly not least are roller shades. These shades pair well with more minimalist designs. Available in durable materials the roller shade is easily wiped clean of any cooking mess and retracts almost completely if you’d like to avoid that task altogether.

Roller Shades For The Kitchen

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift to give yourself, or you’re planning out your household budget for 2022, you may want to consider updating the blinds in your Edmonton home. Not only do new window coverings freshen up your decor, they are a fantastic investment to boost the value of your home.

Get in touch with one of our design consultants at Linh’s Window Fashions today to explore options for updating your kitchen window coverings this season.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a happy 2022. Warmest wishes from all of us at Linh’s Window Fashions.