If you are considering purchasing window coverings, we are here to provide you with three reasons to not only purchase, but rather to invest in your window coverings. Privacy, Light Control and Decoration are three reasons to invest in covering your windows with custom designed window treatments.


Privacy is “the quality or state of being apart from company or observation”. To invest in your privacy is to invest in your own comfort. Hunter Douglas offers a full range of blind styles and materials to achieve various degrees of privacy in the most stylish and practical way. From a sheer and room-darkening duo to a blackout blind, there is absolutely something for everyone to invest in their privacy.

Light Control

The importance of light control is to protect you and your belongings against harmful UV rays penetrating the interior of your home through your windows. Additionally, the glare of the light emits heat and in turn creates an uncomfortable setting.

Are you a light sleeper and are sensitive to light? Do you have trouble falling asleep with the glare of the streetlights seeping through your windows? Rest assured, you are not alone and that is why Hunter Douglas has designed a variety of room darkening solutions worth investing-in to ensure you have a restful and comfortable sleep.

In particular, the Blockout system was strategically designed with comfort and convenience as a point of focus. It will blockout exterior lighting as it is custom tailored to your window. With the Powerview operating system, you have the ability to automatically open and close your blinds right from the warmth of your bed sheets using either a Pebble remote control or the Powerview App on your preferred device as well.


My third and final point is Decoration. From a design perspective, dressing your windows is one of the most impactful solutions in any space. That said though, it could also be one of the most tedious projects to undertake when decorating. Fortunately, there are educated Window Experts just a click or call away to make the investment an easy, smooth, and stylish experience. Choose from the extensive Hunter Douglas range of blinds and soft shadings to invest in your privacy, comfort, and finish off the decorated space with luxurious custom draperies.

The window experts available to you at Linh’s Window Fashions will guide you through the process of dressing your windows with the utmost care.