It is very important to look after blinds after buying them or else they will start to appear run-down. The dirt, dust or contaminants not only contribute to the growth of germs, but also affects the aesthetic appearance of your window. If you are looking for a complete blind and drapery cleaning service in Edmonton, St.Albert, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove, and Beaumont then you have landed at the right place.

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At Linhs Window, you’ll find best quality blinds and blind cleaning service from the same renowned company. In Edmonton, the blend of the quality products and after sales cleaning services has been highly appreciated by numerous home and offices. Our blind shopping portal gives you the purchasing advantage of buying blinds and drapery. As our customer, you don’t have to be worried about the cleaning of the blinds (for certain period of time) as our experts have already taken care of it by means of regular maintenance.

Even though your blinds weren’t purchased from us, our services are still applicable to all the home and offices in Edmonton, Canada at an affordable rate. Highlights of our blind cleaning services are:

  • Ensuring superior services since 1995; cresting reputation of a best-in-class blinds, drapery, all window covering products and superior customer service.
  • Our service is specifically tailored as per the clientele requirement.
  • Our experts are using ultrasonic blind cleaning for the impeccable quality of work.
  • Our blind cleaning service restores the aesthetic and healthy condition in an optimal manner
  • Through ultrasonic blind cleaning, there’s a minimal chance of breaking or damaging your blinds.

Get The Best Suited Customized Cleaning Quotation. Let our experts prescribe you the most suitable approach on an affordable budget. Simply share your concerns at 780-488-1988 or send us an e-mail at Our capability to provide you best cleaning service at a minimal cost certainly exceeds the expectations.

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